Jerry Low, designer and developer

A Vancouver based designer AND developer. That's right, from the beginning it was Photoshop 5 and Frontpage. I have spend most of my life in an identity crisis, debating my true desires. When I do a lot of development work I crave design and vice versa.

I am both and I am neither

I have the fundamentals in both which allows me to generalize and complete tasks across a wide range of requirements, but this has also became my downfall. The ability to do all things means I don't have time to develop depth in a particular field. This becomes more difficult when striving for mastery in skillsets.

Specializes in generalizing

Working in agile I've found my potential to be most utilize. The ability to complete diverse series of tasks permits efficiency at another level. It also allows empowerment of team members by connecting the dots across different areas of practice. Thus, I have concluded that the ability to generalize effectively is a specialization on its own.

This site then and now

Until this point I have been refreshing this personal site every two years (roughly). When I sat down to think about what I wanted to do for this iteration I had to think about what repressents me today. As previously described, I'm in a state of growing different skillsets within design and development. The end result was this site. A site that incorportates a bit of what I know in every aspect. This is from Photoshop design to uX to backend development.

Get in touch

If you'd like to connect and chat feel free to reach out to me with any of the portals in the footer. I'm always open to meeting new people and chatting about shhhhtuff. Since 2012 I have phased myself out doing freelance work due my day job and extraciricular community involvements.